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Bulborama management has used 25 years of extensive experience to evaluate and determine the most cost effective lighting supplies to offer its loyal customer base. Bulborama's Long Life and Energy Efficient products have long been the preferred choice of thousands of businesses throughout North America, and our clients include homeowners, retail chains, property management companies, restaurants, churches, hotels, schools and universities, homeowners associations, hospitals, medical offices, cities and municipalities, corporate accounts with 2 - 300 locations, and anyone else interested in lighting supplies that are simply built better to last longer than what you find in stores.

Don't take our word for it, listen to what our clients say:

"It's very important the lighting in our stores enhance our merchandise, and we have 23 locations raving over the halogen par bulbs we buy from you. Customers are complimenting to our personnel, and we couldn't be happier"

– Purchasing Agent, regional women's clothing chain


"I've worked with Chris since 1994 for our regional hotels. His expertise has helped provide a smooth transition from incandescent to halogen lighting in the 90's, then to compact fluorescents in 2007, and now in 2014 we're re-lamping our locations with LED lighting. The energy savings and quality of the bulbs is unparalleled and we have saved significantly on our maintenance budget over the years. 

- Don S., San Jose, California


"I couldn't find any real long life bulbs in local stores, not even Home Depot. The bulbs say long life and they burn out in a couple months. Then I found you guys. Now I've had Bulborama bulbs in my house for over 4 years and still have not had one burn out."

– Alex V., Houston, Texas


"How do you guys make money? The bulbs never burn out? Don't worry, I won't forget you, someday I might move and have to buy more!"

– Roger D., Nashville, Tennessee


"I have 35 different light bulbs I buy on a monthly basis for 155 stores. Bulborama lamps have outlasted anything I bought in 11 years prior to contracting with you 6 years ago. I appreciate you taking pride in your products and service,"

– Lighting Procurement Manager, nationwide department store chain


"I've ordered 4 times and every time the bulbs are at my door in two days. I have the Spectra Brite compact fluorescents throughout my house, and my neighbors want them now too."

– Margo F., Thousand Oaks, California


"I appreciate your honesty in recommending the best bulbs for my apartment complex – not just the ones you want to sell me. I never knew a 40,000 hour fluorescent tube existed. You're sincerity has earned my respect and continued business."

– Manny A., Maintenance Supervisor, property management company


"I have purchased from Bulborama for 7 years and can certify the products do exactly what they claim. We have hard to change spotlights in high buildings, and my maintenance men don't want to change light bulbs every month. With Bulborama bulbs we do a relamping every 2 years and rarely get a burnout."

– Len H., Chief Engineer, regional medical building chain


"Bulborama is to light bulbs what Energizer is to batteries, the bulbs just keep on burning."

– Dr. Daniel S., Miami, Florida


"The metal halides you sold me back in mid 2004 are still going strong. I've only had 2 burnouts from an order of 150. Excellent bulbs, fabulous quality, I'm happy to recommend you to anyone"

– Kevin R., Building Owner, Las Vegas, NV


"We have 52 hotels throughout the South and Midwest, and every one uses small quartz bulbs (MR16's) in our lobby track lighting and hallway fixtures. Your Starlite bulbs are simply the best on the market. You should put them in retail stores, they would fly off the shelves."

- Alexis A., Purchasing Agent, regional hotel chain


"I spent about $300 with you in 2001 to buy bulbs for my new house. I promise you I haven't spent a dime on a light bulb since. Your lights are amazing, thank you!"

– Jim O., Joliet, Illinois