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> LED Light Bulbs

Bulborama offers the latest innovations in energy-saving LED lamps. Bulborama LED bulbs utilize proprietary industry-leading Cree chips to provide high intensity brightness and superior efficiency. A variety of sizes, color temperatures, and designs allow you to choose the most efficient LED bulb for your old incandescent sockets and start saving up to 95% in energy usage immediately.

R & BR Shaped LED Bulbs

BR40, BR30, R20 LED's

PAR Shaped LED Bulbs

PAR38, PAR30, PAR20 LED's

Decorative and Sign LED Bulbs

Chandelier, Candelabra, S14, C7, C9 Type LED's

MR16 and MR11 LED Bulbs

12 Volt, GU10, JDR Type LED's

12V Bipin LED Bulb
JC LED Light Bulb
JC LED Bulbs

12 Volt Bipin JC Type LED's


120 Volt G8 & G9 JCD Type LED's

High Wattage LED Retrofit Bulbs

 Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium LED Replacements

Plug In CFL Retrofit LED Bulbs

 PL, PLC, PLT 2 & 4 Pin LED Retrofit Bulbs